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The Invisible Disease

This Is My Story!

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!

(OCD) is an invisible dibilitating disease  that can affect people of all walks of life, gender race, religion and age. The disease can manifest itself  when a person gets caught up in a cycle of intrusive thoughts, obsessions and compulsions.

When a person is anxious or despressed the disease can make a person do unreasonable or unnessary actions which  under normal circumstances   would not happen.

If  a person is happy and relaxed  the disease  subsides.

I want to tell my story of my OCD which I have suffered for more than  30 years.

I have good days and bad days.

When I am  less worried about things in general I  notice my OCD less.

If I am  anxious or depressed or both then my OCD sky rockets.

My OCD is the fear of contamination of germs and people that carry them.

My fear of germs is not neccessarily the fear of me falling ill if I  am contaminated but more so the fear of something bad happening to me if  I am exposed, such as not having enough money to survive or my nearest and dearest  becoming  ill through my bad choices and decisions or touching something that has been touched by someone, who has harmed me. Sometimes the fear of the unknown can set off my anxieties, that turns into intrusive thoughts, that turn into depression and the cycle continues.

My name is (Anom) identity undisclosed - heres my story.......

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