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If you or someone you know is feeling low, do reach out to friends, family or professionals that can help.

There is always someone in you close network of people you know that can help you.

Do not suffer alone !

My way of dealing with my problems is admitting I have a problem and perhaps helping someone that is also going through what I am going through. For me writing down my thoughts helps.


I was born in Shrewsbury Shropshire, UK to Polish parents, I had two brothers but one sadly passed away. I have a daugher and now live in Cardiff. I have been divorced for over 20 years and my only relationship after my divorce was with someone I met 10 years ago. This Polish man who physically and mentally abused me led to my OCD reaching its peak. This is part of my story why my OCD is at its highest because of all the incidents that occurred the past 30 odd  years with my divorce, my  parents dying followed by my brother and then meeting my ex-narcissist boyfriend. But the obstacles keep coming with my daughter being diagnosed with MS  most recently. 

I have had OCD for about 30 years now when I realized there was something wrong after my break up with my banker boyfriend. It was his mother that used to make me feel insecure, fattening me up like a pig to the slaughter and his  odd behaviour  finding brothel magazines under his bed to restaurant receipts  and him calling round in the middle of the night  when I had waited all evening for him to  turn up and then the icing on the cake the genital crabs he contracted.

Some people would have given up but  I am still fighting and if my story can help just one person I will feel gratified. I feel sad but not defeated.

I do not want to disclose my full identity as I am a very private person. I am not ashamed of my illness as I know its not my fault that I have it, however people are small minded and they do judge and also take pity on you, I do not want to be judged or pitied on, I just want to be as normal as possible without too many people knowing who I am.


OCD-UK Provide support and advice and information based on professional evidence. OCD affects about 750,000 people in the UK, this figure is based on diagnosed patients, not everyone gets help.

Its a myth that people with OCD are either always cleaning or checking switches all day long. OCD is about NOT having full control of your negative thoughts and fearing thoughts causing harm.

OCD sufferers are good at diguising their illness sometimes making it invisible to others, making the disease silent but loud. OCD patients are sometimes ashamed to admit they have a problem.

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